Global Infrastructure Forum 2017

global infrastructure forum 2017


Delivering Inclusive and Sustainable Infrastructure


The Global Infrastructure Forum aims to enhance coordination among multilateral development banks and their development partners to better develop sustainable, accessible, resilient, and quality infrastructure for developing countries, and focuses on how governments and their working partners can attract more resources for infrastructure.

This 2017 forum was co-hosted by the European Investment Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank and held in IDB headquarters in Washington, DC on April 22, 2017.


Outcomes & Statements






Breakout sessions

  1. Sustainable Infrastructure in Practice: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO
  2. Financing Sustainable Infrastructure: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO
  3. The Role of National Development Banks in Facilitating a Sustainable Energy Mix: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO | Presentation by H. Wuester | Presentation by R. Akinci
  4. Building Quality Infrastructure: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO
  5. MDB Risk Mitigation: Filling the Gaps: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO | Presentation by Andrew Davison
  6. Infrastructure as an Asset Class: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO
  7. Better Project Preparation: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO | Presentation by Cristophe Dossarps
  8. Energy Finance in Africa: Agenda & Bios | VIDEO



You can learn more about the work of the MDBs in infrastructure, by checking out related MDB publications as well as other related multimedia and blogs.



The forum is jointly organized by the following MDBs in close partnership with the United Nations (UN)