PPP Framework


No dedicated PPP unit. The Public-Private-Dialogue (PPD) Secretariat oversees PPP issues. 

Laws and policies

PPP Procurement Benchmarking

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PPP Projects in Infrastructure

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Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)

Infrastructure Indicators

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GCI Infrastructure Score

The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI)  is published in the Global Competitiveness Report and assesses the competitiveness landscape of 140 economies. The GCI Infrastructure Score is a component of the overall index and covers transport, electricity and telephony infrastructure. 

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GCI Score as of 2017-2018
GCI Infrastructure Score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


    • 2013
    • International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Handshake Issue #9: Reconstruction & PPPs

    Meet the mediator: Cooperation amid conflict. Claude Kayitenkore is Director of the Organization of the CEPGL for Energy of the Great Lakes Countries (EGL), based in Burundi. He oversees negotiations among officials of the DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi for Ruzizi III. Here, he discusses how the group has overcome political tensions to produce a workable agreement.

    • 2013
    • International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Handshake Issue #11: Africa & PPPs

    Hydro heats up: Hydropower is undoubtedly the most common form of sustainable and renewable energy. It’s not impossible for nations in conflict to put aside their differences to coordinate the delivery of natural resources, but it’s unusual. For Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Rwanda, cooperation is transforming the shared Ruzizi River into a valuable source of hydropower for three peoples.

Project & Lessons

    • 2014
    • International Finance Corporation (IFC)

    Handshake Issue #14: Natural Resources & PPPs

    Getting to the source: Cleaner production in the Lake Victoria Basin. The private sector plays a major role in fueling development around the world, creating millions of jobs, allowing countries to meet basic necessities, and boosting exports. However, private investment is not without its costs—resource use and pollution are high among them. As concern grows, so do innovative approaches to reduce the pollution and resource footprint of industrial activities. The Lake Victoria Environmental Management Program (LVEMP) is an especially promising initiative with potential for replicability.

Date last reviewed: December 3, 2015

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