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PPP Projects in Infrastructure

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Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)

Infrastructure Indicators

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GCI Infrastructure Score

The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI)  is published in the Global Competitiveness Report and assesses the competitiveness landscape of 140 economies. The GCI Infrastructure Score is a component of the overall index and covers transport, electricity and telephony infrastructure. 

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GCI Score as of 2015-2016


    • 2014
    • PPIAF, World Bank
    • PPIAF, World Bank Group (WBG)

    Caribbean Infrastructure PPP Roadmap

    Experience with PPPs to date in the Caribbean has been mixed. PPPs are not new in the region, having been used to deliver new or improved roads, ports, airports, bulk water treatment facilities, and electricity generation plants. Many PPP projects have operated successfully for years, delivering high-quality infrastructure facilities. Others have faced challenges. In many cases, the complexity of the PPP development and implementation process has meant long delays in delivering projects; others resulted in questionable value or unexpected costs to governments or consumers. This raises a question: How can Caribbean governments successfully navigate the challenges to make the best use of PPPs to deliver improved infrastructure assets and...

    • 2014
    • Caribbean Development Bank
    • Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

    Public-Private Partnerships in the Caribbean: Building on Early Lessons

    Good quality infrastructure is a prerequisite for economic growth. Infrastructure stocks in the Caribbean are not adequate for much of the Region’s population. Many of the Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) are struggling to improve their infrastructure services — against the challenges of high debt burdens, tight budgets, declining investment and lagging economies. Infrastructure services in electricity, transport and water and sanitation in the BMCs need improvement in order to meet higher service quality standards, keep pace with population growth and support economic development. Costs of infrastructure services need to come down, particularly in electricity. There is room for improvement in...

Date last reviewed: February 15, 2016

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