PPP Framework


There is no dedicated PPP unit; responsibility for PPPs is in the Ministry of Finance

Laws and policies

PPP Projects in Infrastructure

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Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)
Project Name Sector Financial Closure Year Investment ($US Million)

Infrastructure Indicators

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GCI Infrastructure Score

The Global Competitiveness Index (GCI)  is published in the Global Competitiveness Report and assesses the competitiveness landscape of 140 economies. The GCI Infrastructure Score is a component of the overall index and covers transport, electricity and telephony infrastructure. 

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GCI Score as of 2015-2016
GCI Infrastructure Score 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7


    • 2012
    • Ministry of Finance, Swaziland

    Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for Swaziland

    The Government of Swaziland, through the Ministry of Finance and the Swaziland Investment Promoti on Authority (SIPA) and with the support of the ACP Business Climate Facility (BizClim) organised a one-week event on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), consisti ng of a one-day conference and a four-day intensive training programme, from July 16 to 20, 2012. The conference aimed at raising awareness of a wide range of stakeholders about the current situati on of PPPs and about opportuniti es and potenti al future developments in Swaziland. It also served as a platf orm for the launch of the SADC PPP Network in Swaziland. The purpose of the training programme was to strengthen the capacity of Swaziland Government and SIPA, as well as that...

    • 2013
    • Axis Consulting

    PPP Country Paper Swaziland

    This paper focuses on Swaziland’s PPP Policy, Institutional Arrangements and Legal Frameworks as a Member State in SADC providing specific recommendations for the implementation or enhancement of private sector participation in the development of public infrastructure in the country. The main objective is to serve as a strategic paper for the Government of Swaziland and its Ministries in order to refine, develop and ultimately develop further its PPP Policy, Legal Framework, and Institutional Arrangements aimed at closing the ‘infrastructure gap’, and its negative impact on economic growth, job creation and social cohesion in Swaziland.

Date last reviewed: January 13, 2017

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