Global Infrastructure Forum 2018


Unlocking Green, Sustainable, Resilient and Inclusive Technology Driven Infrastructure


The Global Infrastructure Forum aims to enhance coordination among multilateral development banks and their development partners to better develop sustainable, accessible, resilient, and quality infrastructure for developing countries, and focuses on how governments and their working partners can attract more resources for infrastructure.


Overview & Agenda

This 2018 forum was hosted by the Asian Development Bank and held at the Laguna Villas in Bali, Indonesia on October 13, 2018.




Outcomes & Statements

Mobilization of Private Finance by Multilateral Development Banks and Development Finance Institutions 2017

News Release: English | Bahasa

Outcome Statement



Session Briefs

Opening Session A: Sustainable Infrastructure through Technology

Opening Session B: The MDBs – Catalyzing Private Finance

Session 2: Achieving the Last Mile through Technology

Session 3: Good Practices in Scaling Up Investments in Infrastructure – Sustainability and Governance

Session 4: Financing the Global Infrastructure Gap – Development and Innovation in Financing Modalities for Sustainable Infrastructure and De-risking

Session 5: Innovative Climate Finance for Sustainable Infrastructure

Morning Sessions: VIDEO

Afternoon Sessions: VIDEO



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The forum is jointly organized by the following MDBs in close partnership with the United Nations (UN):