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From getting started to getting certified, this page compiles the best sources for learning about PPPs

PPP Certification
The Certification Program aims to foster a common minimum level of knowledge and understanding and was designed to standardize the process for the delivery of PPP projects worldwide
PPP Online Courses
These online courses provide an understanding of the key principles of PPPs and the role of PPPs in the delivery of infrastructure services, particularly in emerging markets
PPP Webinars
This series presents trending topics on PPPs and infrastructure, as well as the latest tools for practitioners, case studies, and presentations from experts
Become recognized for your PPP skills
Body of Knowledge
The Body of Knowledge on PPPs identifies underlying principles and the elements of good practice that are applicable in most circumstances in emerging markets and developing economies.
Free Online Training
The CP3P Online Training course is a free learning resource that guides you through Chapter 1 of the PPP Certification Program Guide and prepares you to take the Foundation exam for APMG's PPP Certification Program.
Take the Exam
The Foundation certification is designed to measure whether a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PPP Guide to act as an informed team member of a PPP finance project.
PPP E-Learning
Learn the fundamentals of PPPs
PPP MOOC: How can PPPs Deliver Better Services?
World Bank Group
These online courses provide an understanding of the key principles of PPPs and the role of PPPs in the delivery of infrastructure services, particularly in emerging markets.
PPPs: Implementing Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean
Inter-American Development Bank
This course analyzes the conceptualization, selection, design and implementation of PPPs, indicating the benefits and risks that they pose for both the public and private sectors.
E-Learning Series on Public-Private Partnerships
ESCAP has developed online training materials on PPPs over the years. These self-study materials are tailored to provide basic knowledge of various issues that policy-makers dealing with PPPs have to be aware of. 
PPP Webinars
Stay abreast of trends and developments in infrastructure and PPPs
Leveraging Islamic Finance to Maximize Finance for Development
Over the past two decades, Islamic finance has emerged as an important source of finance for a wide...
Toll Road PPPs: Identifying, mitigating and managing traffic risk
Through PPP models, toll revenues can be used to enable fiscally-constrained governments to fund...
Improving Infrastructure Regulation for Countries Affected by Fragility, Conflict and Violence
To assist practitioners to be able to both develop much needed infrastructure and develop a viable...
Virginia P3: How Proposals Are Identified and Screened for PPP Development
This webinar will seek to expand upon Virginia’s PPP selection process, especially in...