managing a PPP from construction, through operation and handover

This section of the PPP cycle present three critical areas of project implementation:

  • managing the PPP contract
  • refinancing 
  • handling termination, expiry and handover

The four stages and sub-stages of a typical PPP project, with emphasis on implementation stage.

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    • 2014
    • Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank Group (WBG), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), PPIAF

    PPP Implementation

    PPP Reference Guide Version 2.0

    Section on Implementation from the PPP Reference Guide Version 2.0.

    • 2014
    • Asian Development Bank (ADB), World Bank Group (WBG), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), PPIAF


    Asociaciones Publico-Privadas: Guia de Referencia Version 2.0

    Sección sobre la implementación de las APP de la Guía de Referencia de las Asociaciones Público-Privadas, Versión 2.0.

    • 2014
    • European Investment Bank (EIB), European PPP Expertise Centre (EPEC)

    Managing PPPs During their Contract Life: Guidance for Sound Management

    This report deals with the “operational management” of PPPs. Operational management is here taken to mean the management of a PPP by a public contracting authority (the Authority) from signature until the end of the contract life. Experience has shown that services outsourced to a private sector party require as much, if not more, management by the grantor of the contract than those provided in-house. This is in particular true of PPP contracts, which, although output-driven, require considerable management efforts on the part of the Authority. This publication has been prepared to contribute to and stimulate discussions on public-private partnerships (PPPs) as well as to foster the diffusion of best practices in this...

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