PPP Webinars

Role of Fairness Auditor in PPP Procurement
A unique feature of the PPP procurement process in the Canadian provinces such as British Columbia and Alberta, among others, is that of the Fairness Auditor. A Fairness Auditor is retained by the procuring authority early during the process as an independent auditor to observe the process of...
Creating a Framework for PPP Disclosure
A framework for proactive PPP disclosure is similar to any general proactive disclosure policy in terms of the broad guidance – i.e. what should be disclosed, when and in what form, what should not be disclosed and the responsibilities for disclosure. However, the special circumstances and...
PPPs in Pakistan: the Road Ahead
The Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan, established the Infrastructure Project Development Facility (IPDF) in May 2006 to facilitate the preparation and closure of PPP transactions. The IPDF was expected to provide expertise and hands on support to Implementing Agencies in improving their...
Building on the Foundation: The Future of PPPs in India
India saw a surge in the number of PPP projects and the amount invested during the period leading up to 2010-11. This was on the back of a rapidly growing economy and a government sensitive to creating the appropriate framework for PPPs, including institutional structures such as PPP units in the...
Small Projects in South Asia – Thimphu Urban Parking PPP in Bhutan
Sub-national governments at provincial and local levels in South Asia have turned to PPP projects, which are relatively smaller in size, for the provision of essential services like solid waste management, energy-efficient street-lighting, municipal parking etc.
PPPs in Bangladesh: Institutions and Financing
This webinar presents an overview of the evolution of the PPP framework in Bangladesh with specific focus on the law, institutions and financing; and discusses challenges and possible solutions. The objective is to disseminate knowledge to countries and practitioners that are looking at similar...
PPPs and the Project Finance Market
This webinar will discuss the current state of project finance markets globally in the context of public-private partnership projects, specifically in Asia, Europe and Africa, focusing on market characteristics and project structure. It will also discuss whether governments can change market...
Debt Financing Support to PPPs in India – Policy and Instruments
India has provided support to public-private partnerships in infrastructure through a variety of instruments, frameworks and institutions, prominent among these being the Viability Gap Financing (VGF) scheme, the India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL), the India Infrastructure Project...
Public-Private Partnerships in Grain Storage
This webinar on PPP in Grain Storage will discuss the general trends in PPP in Grain Storage globally with focus on cases from a few countries where PPP projects are being developed or implemented. In addition, the Punjab Silo Project will be discussed in some detail.  The objective of the...
Disclosure of Project and Contract Information in PPPs
This webinar presents a review of current practices on the disclosure of information on PPP projects and contracts, and discusses the desired features of a framework for proactive disclosure in PPPs. Many countries have been trying to implement freedom-of information legislation and this includes...